***Meet The NDB Band Members!! ***

Introducing our Newest Member of NDB,, Our New Drummer,, Marc Allen!!!!! 


Words from Marc,, I got my first Drum Set at the age of 13 years old! I taught myself how to play by ear, I listened to the Beat on the Radio and played along. 

I played in a couple Garage Bands in my teens and got my Very 1st. Paying Gig at Knights Inn in Bowling Green KY. at the age of 19!

I was influenced by Top 40 Radio, Classic Rock and Album Rock from my Mom's Music Collection!

I have many years of Drumming Experience from being both out on the Road playing in many cities and doing a number of Drum Recording Studio Tracts on various songs. 

My Favorite Color is Green

I am Very Excited to be joining No Deposit Band and I look forward to Rock'n Out with all y'all for many years to come!! Peace & Love to everyone!

Marc Allen - Drummer at No Deposit Band

Photos by Nancy Woods Photography


Steve Jewell Sr.

Steve Jewel Sr. 4 2021.jpg


Steve Jewel Sr. 3 2021.jpg

Steve Jewell Sr. - Lead Guitarist / Singer / Songwriter 

at No Deposit Band! 

Steve says,, It all started for me at the age of 5. I have many family members that were Musicians. 

My Cousin took me on as a student in the late 60's and the rest is history!!

I have been playing Music in South Central Kentucky for over 40 years with several Bands in the area.

Many miles at many Music Venues North / South / East / West!

I hope to "Keep Rock'n" til my Journey is over!!!

** Steve is a Very Welcomed Addition to NDB! He is a very laid back personality that brings not only an enormous amount of experience and Stage Savvy, his Guitar Work is really Badass'd!

Hell Yeah Brother we are looking forward to having you with us for many years to come!!!!!!


Jackie Hagan (JR)

Watermelon Fest 2 2021.jpg
Vet Jam 2019 JR2.jpg

Hello everyone, I am one of the Original Founding Members of the No Deposit Band along with my Childhood Brother Mark "Buck" Wheat. Playing Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards and some Vocals in the Band. 

I have been playing Guitar & Keys for many years and I have been truly blessed to have had the opportunity to play along side some really Great Musicians.

As a young child I would sneak around and listen to my Mom's Elvis Records and dream of actually playing and singing in a band one fine day.

Well it certainly happened,, Dreams do come true!

I owe my inspiration to play Guitar to my Brother Mark Wheat from Tompkinsville. He loaned me his own Guitar as kids until I could afford my own and patiently helped me learn to play it, he was and still is an Awesome Teacher, Friend, Brother and an Original Founding Member of No Deposit Band.

I have played many venues and the one thing that has never changed,, I have always been content with being a Rhythm Guitar Player, I just wanted to do my own thing on Rhythm within the concept of the band and cover everyone else, I sorta got my main Rhythm Guitar Licks from the 60's R&B, Wild Cherry, Bee Gee's, Jackson 5.

I also have to give my Keyboard Playing Credit to my Piano Teacher Mrs. Brenda Walden of Tompkinsville.

She was to me and still is an Awesome Teacher! Every single lesson I took from her was always so inspiring, she made it fun and it made me want to Practice, Practice, Practice!


The main person in my life who deserves the most credit for my musical success is my wonderful wife Deb, she has been with me every step of my musical way,, Seen it all,, Musician Ego BS, Good & Bad Times. 

Always helping me whether it be carrying my Instruments to a Practice or to a Gig or always encouraging me to keep on playing even when I or the Band wasn't Clicking,, she is my Awesome Rock.


It really makes me smile looking back on the people who helped inspire me musically and mold me as a Musician throughout  the years and I am very, very thankful for each and every one of you and your Inspiration.

I love our current line up, this Band has a really Good Vibe, it is a pleasure getting to play along side these very talented Musicians that make up the NO DEPOSIT BAND!

Thank All Y'all for your Awesome Support,, We plan on doing this thing for a long long time,, God Bless!

                 STRAIGHT OUTTA T-VILLE