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  NDB was very Honored & Humbled to be among these Talented Artist! To be able to share the stage, once again with the Legendary 'Artimus Pyle'!! Drummer for Lynyrd Skynyrd! The Greatest Southern Rock Band of all time is Freak'n Epic! Wow!


Jackie Hagan: I just wanted to share this picture from the recent Vet Jam with all of my Friends & Family,, Because I am so Proud of this Momentous Occasion!

1st. Off,, I have no Illusions or Delusions of being a Rockstar as some have portrayed me as trying to be in a very negative light,, but that’s OK that's on the Barking Dog Haters, I am still Rock'n & Roll'n! And I will be until The Good Lord says it's time to stop, not when some Butt Hurt Hater doesn't like it.

But let me tell you,, Just having my Picture and Conversations here with The Legendary Artimus Pyle, Drummer for Lynyrd Skynyrd! The Greatest Southern Rock’n Roll Band of all time and Rock’n Roll Hall Of Fame Member is not me being Delusional! It’s me feeling like a Rockstar by just getting to stand next to him, Sharing The Stage and Talking to him, Contributing to his Charity, Just being Real with a F'n Legend!! This is what No Deposit Band has achieved!!

Because this Man (Me), Standing next to a Rock'n Roll Hall Of Fame Drummer with a Donation Check from my Mother, Mary Lou Waller for his Veterans Charity is the same little 12 year old kid that 55 years ago during The Woodstock Era was trying to learn to play the Guitar that his Brother Mark Wheat had loaned him because didn't have one of his own! Just think about that for a minute!


And I am even more Proud to be able to Present here both Ernie Wagoner and Artimus Pyle with a very nice Donation to their VETJAM Veterans Benefit from my Mom’s Charity the Mary Lou Waller Scholarship Fund!!

I Love You Mom and I Thank You for always Believing in me even with the things I did that you were not proud of as a child, you still allowed me to go to Band Practice and I am still Play'n!

I am very Thankful and Proud of each and every one of you for your No Deposit Band Support!  You continue to make the Dream that my Brother Mark Wheat and I had as kids growing up on Short & White Streets in Tompkinsville KY. to have a Rock Band come true,, 55 Years Later,, Standing beside a Member of The Rock'n Roll Hall Of Fame!! Dreams Do Come True! Love Y’all! May God Bless your Journey! He has certainly Blessed mine!!

** Never ever give up on your Dreams because they are yours, nobody else will understand or care as much about making them come true as you do! So forget them and what they think and feel about your Dreams! Live your own Life!!! 

Check Out our 2022 Vet Jam Picture Gallery! Thank You to all of you Veterans and Active Duty for your Service!! God Bless Y'all!! 
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